picais an organization intended to facilitate academic growth. While a broad objective, its potential for success grows when its raison d’être is more thoroughly understood. In sum, this project was born from three inter-connected realizations: one being that junior scholars crave exposure for their hard work and efforts, yet, whether due to time constraints, lack of resources, or the nature of their situations, have been unable to submit their work to print publications; the second being that communities of students, scholars, academics, and even the more general population all gain from the increased circulation of new ideas, concepts, and literature; the last is that junior scholars, whose ambitions are often aided by the increased circulation of their manuscripts, can derive great benefit from the review of their work by peers, experts, and future employers.

Taken in conjunction, this awareness has provided more than sufficient impetus for the creation of a purely academic database on current political issues, and hence its title: Publications in Contemporary Affairs. It is our hope that this portal will afford junior scholars with well-deserved and irreplaceable exposure, address the expansive and fundamental needs of the aforementioned communities, while simultaneously providing emerging academics with the credentials that will be critical to their professional and personal growth.

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