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Nutribullet vs. Nutri Ninja Reviews-Which One Is Better?

Nutribullet vs. Nutri Ninja Reviews-Which One Is Better?

As you know on my previous post I recommend you to have a smoothie ritual in the  morning. Some of you have been sent me emails asking what is blender I use to make my smoothies.

There are plenty of blenders that you can find in the market, depends where you live. You can also check some of website reviews out there to help you decide which one is better for you.

But since you guys asked me what blender I used, then I will tell you right now 🙂

I have been Nutribullet Pro 900 since this year, before of that I used Nutri Ninja blender which I loved so much. Here is some of background why you should take a look Nutribullet or Nutri Ninja

Why Nutribullet or Ninja?

Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja have been rivals in the bullet blender sectors for quite so long. Mainly, it can really be confusing on what particular one to settle for when looking for one.

There is a good article I found in the internet that can be your buying guides when choosing Nutribullet or Ninja, but here my self will also share my personal experienced used these two amazing blenders.

Let’s shoot it;

First of all, a bullet blender refers to a small-sized lightweight personal blender that you can use to grind, smash and mix vegetables and fruits and turn them into smoothies.

Typically, either of these two blending units offers some unique features that make them worth buying. For instance, Nutri Bullet is an ideal pick if you prefer simple on and off operation without what you would deem unnecessary programming.

It is also a suitable choice if you’re someone who prefers just obtaining the nutrients from your food ingredients. But on the same note, the Nutri Ninja bullet is an apt choice if you prefer a unit that is comparatively more advanced and can effectively crush ice during blending.

It is also an essential pick if you want a portable compact machine that contains more than one speed for controlling blending.

Nutri Bullet Blender

Fundamentally, the blender in this series features specialized extractor blades engineered to crush and smash the ingredients to the desired level. This is vital because it guarantees you purest nutrients that are ideal for the body to absorb and digest culminating to better health.

Nutri Bullet includes quite some accessories in the same box when you buy this blender. Typically, all the accessories play important roles in one way or the other when blending. And that is the reason you will also find a user manual that makes it easy for you to quickly assemble it when using the different accessories.

The blades of Nutri Bullet blenders are strong given that they are made from durable materials like stainless steel. Now, this is vital because even when the motor power is somewhat low, the strength of the blade makes it more effective just like blenders which have stronger motors.

But you should also note that Nutri Bullet has as well produced quite a number of blenders that have stronger motors.

Another exciting bit of Nutribullet is that it is so easy to assemble. You don’t need to struggle even a bit even when you get it straight away from the shop.

Cleaning it is also easy. What’s more is that the lip rings and cups are dishwasher safe. You only need to use recommended detergents to clean this blender and all its other attachments.

With its excellent features, you can find it at a very cost-effective price. So you end up saving a considerable amount of money while getting the best blending experience.

Nutri Ninja

In general, this blender also offers best blending efficiency. It is primarily engineered for extracting nutrient by liquefying solid ingredients, nuts fruits, and vegetables.

The essence is to crush these ingredients to the extent where your body could be able to digest and absorb it comfortably and attaining best nutrients.

This blender features a digital keypad for pulse, blend, and ultra-blend which are basically for controlling the desired speed.

With a motor power of 1000 watts and strong blades, you can surely never doubt the ability of this blender in providing the most exceptional smoothie regardless of the ingredient.

What’s more is that Ninja is currently producing some high-end Nutri Ninja blender models. This is imperative because it shows that the company is conscious of your blending needs.

And as you can imagine, the high-end Ninja units have some of the best features that are only comparable to full-size blenders.

This blender also has a solid construction owing to the fact that is manufactured from sturdy materials.

So in general, it is a bit difficult to choose a better option between this two blending units. All of them produce best blending results on different conditions.

They also have unique features that suit different specific needs for everyone who wants to enhance healthy living.

It’s only cost that perhaps makes a somewhat considerable difference between these blenders. Otherwise, either can serve you better.

Looking for the Good Vlogging Camera

Looking for the Good Vlogging Camera

Vlog has been favorite lately, various articles on how to make vlog even more interested. Vlog is a way of self-existence in social media especially on YouTube, and it’s the short word from video blog which means make a blog by video content. Wondering how to get started a vlog? This article will help you to get the basic what you need.

The only one thing you need to start vlogging channel is an excellent camera and a decent microphone. How to find the best vlogging camera? You may also visit VloggerPro to get reviews of the best vlogging camera to help you start your channel or even to improve your vlog channel. Here is the way to find the best vlogging camera.

Good Vlogging Camera

Like a photographer who tries to find the best camera to make a great shoot, anyone who has a vlog and anyone who wants to have video contents tend to think of what camera is suitable for use in various conditions. The ideal choice for the best vlogging equipment usually depends on the price and features of the camera. There are so many cameras out there with so many different elements, and prices make you confused to make a choice. Therefore, before you buy a camera, you should know these following essential things that need to be considered in choosing a suitable camera for vlogging and to help you make a decision.

What to Look for in Vlogging Camera?

Of course, vloggers will choose a camera that makes their jobs easier. As we know that we want a camera that can record excellent quality video. But do you know that there are some exciting features which are suitable for vlogging, but before we go to see the things to watch out for, it’s good to know first about things that we do not have to care?

Ignore Things You Don’t Need

There are three main things that you don’t need to care about when looking for a vlogging camera, which is zoom, flash, and megapixels. So, don’t spend your time to think about them.

Most of the cameras have zoom and flash feature which it is useless for vlogging. You will need this zoom if you record travel vlogs. At that point, utilizing the camera’s worked in streak is viewed as a transgression in proficient photography. On the off chance that you need to use lighting in your video, you will require an external lighting unit and some photography lighting learning. The last, don’t stress over megapixels. The previous, don’t worry about megapixels. They are only required in photography, and it’s okay if you want to print big pictures.

Things you should look for

The ideal choice for best Vlogging camera is generally centered somewhere around price range and features. Before you decide to buy a camera, it is good to go through the list of essential things that you need to review.

Low Light Performance

This is one of the crucial aspects that you should consider when looking for vlog camera. Mainly if you record video indoor where the light is not perfect without professional lighting equipment. Also, it’s not always sunny when you shoot videos outdoor.
If your camera doesn’t have good performance in low light, it will reduce its frames per second, and it will show image noise.

What factors to make a camera have a good performance in low light?

1. Lens aperture

If you are accustomed to utilizing a camera for photography, at that point, you will find that the focal point gap control works much similarly to shoot video. The lens aperture is a way of controlling the exposure. It can be opened and closed to regulate the amount of light hitting the sensor.
It’s described in F, for example, High quality 50mm lenses have an aperture at least f/1.8. The lower the number, the broader the aperture is.

2. Amount of noise

You can’t find this in camera specification. The amount of noise is introduced into images when you shoot at a high ISO setting. You can know about this by testing camera at high ISO.

Try to see the difference between these pictures, and you’ll notice little grains on the left image that are the consequence of high ISO.
The difference will be much more visible in the video recording because these grains will look like they are moving. That’s why I consider low-light performance as one of the most important things you should be regarded as about. One of the best waterproof camera which produces image smoothing at high ISOs is Olympus Tough! TG-5.

3. Sensor size

A camera capture more light in the bigger sensor size. It’s simple, the bigger the sensor size is, the camera will capture the more light.
Here’s the normal size of a sensor from larger to smaller:

  • Full-Frame Cameras (high-end DSLRs and Mirrorless)
  • DSLRs/Mirrorless
  • Compact Cameras
  • Camcorders

Some of the cameras have a bigger sensor than others, that’s why I said that is important to see the sensor size and compare it with others.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)

You need a camera with OIS for vlogging. Because it is allowing you to record while moving around. If your camera doesn’t have OIS, it will produce a shaky image, and of course, the video like that is hard to watch. If your camera has OIS, it will help you to record less shaky.

Most DSLRs and mirrorless don’t have internal image stabilization. It is normal, but it doesn’t mean that they are not suitable for vlogging. Why? Because there are a lot of lenses with OIS, you can get. However, they are a bit more expensive, but you need entirely them for vlogging.

Another features that are not too necessary, but they will provide significant help in vlogging, that is a flip screen which allows you to record your self. Then, Wi-Fi which enables you to upload to YouTube without any cable needed. The last, microphone input, having a microphone input is a massive plus for vlog camera.

After you learn about how to choose best vlogging camera, now to make a final decision you need to answer these following questions to find the right camera for you.

  • What kind of content do you want to create?

It’s necessary to know about the content you want to create when choosing the right camera for vlogging. On the off chance that you intend to record a lot of activity recordings, you can select GoPro, but if you need sharpness and right colors for your video content, you can want a high-quality DSLR.

  • Where will you record?

Figure out where you’ll invest a significant portion of your energy vlogging. DSLR cameras will require you to bring more equipment while compact cameras are the easiest to take on the trip. But they don’t give you a good quality like DSLR. So, it’s important to know how far you’ll go with your camera.

  • What is your budget?

Generally, you can find a good camera for vlogging for around $200. But, if you want the best quality and the option of upgrading with lenses, the best DSLRs first off will cost you, in any event, $600 without a magnifying instrument.

If you know the answer to each question, you can already overcome the confusion in choosing the best camera for vlogging. You can now start by searching references on multiple sites. I recommend you to start by looking at the best camera list based on price. You will find many differences in the same price range.

What Camera Do YouTubers Use?

Most vloggers use compact (point & shoot) cameras.
Here are some of the most popular cameras between vloggers in different price ranges. You will see that most of them are from Canon. The reason is that Canon makes an extra effort in making their cameras better for video.
Though, many people agree that although Nikon can provide better photo quality, Canon includes more features for video.

Canon Power Shot G7 X Mark II

This is the closest option you can get to achieving top-quality DSLRs in a handy size. It has a sharp recording quality along with an excellent lens aperture. This is a camera that will record excellent quality video even in low light. Also, it has the image stabilization that has enabled you to register and to move around without getting a shaky image. This is one of the best OIS you will find in this market. It makes a solid camera for each utilization. At long last, the best is that it accompanies an astounding focal point at a small cost.

Canon VIXIA HF R800

One of the cameras on YouTube that I recommend to newcomers who do not want to be confused, and to start recording directly is Canon R800 camcorder.
It’s a small camcorder, so it’s like bringing a compact. It can provide the best video quality in its price range and has good battery life. But it is not the best choice for low light recording.

Others, there is GoPro HERO 4 Silver as one of the most popular brands in vlogging.
Canon EOS Rebel T7i as the best choice for makeup vloggers for a long time.

Finally, before you decide to buy a camera for vlogging, the first thing you should know is what kind of content you will be recorded. It’s ideal to have the general idea of your channel before going to shop.

1st Birthday Party Decorations at Home

1st Birthday Party Decorations at Home

Hai moms.. !! When your child turns one, surely you busy to make a particular first birthday party. Are you looking for 1st birthday party creative ideas? Every parent always wants to make their baby happy primarily to share their happiness with everyone on that birthday party. They want to make the best moment and sometimes, parents typically go all out and throw a blowout party.

Usually, parents celebrate a first birthday party at the restaurant, and They make adorable decoration and theme.To save the cost, you can use your own home for the party. You can also create your own cute and creative 1st birthday party decorations at home.
It’s normal to feel the pressure when it comes to planning a toddler’s birthday party. Parents want to make an excellent and unique first birthday party. Parents want to have some perfect pictures to look back on and best memories to share, but that doesn’t mean you must spend a lot of money to the party. The budget depends on the number of guests.

Your house can be the best place for your baby’s birthday party, and your baby will feel more comfortable at home. After you get the theme, you will start to make the decorations. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for decorations because you can make Creative ideas for decoration the 1st birthday party at home. Handmade party supplies for decoration the 1st birthday party at home are adorable and fun. Here are some great ideas, let’s get started.

Birthday Banner

To make your party memorable, one of important thing is birthday banner. Every 1st birthday party should have a flag. A room will be more adorable with the banner. Birthday banners are easy to make. First, prepare materials needed including cardstock, scrapbooking paper, poster board, or pre-cut pennant card stock. Second, after you create the letters you need, string them together by punching a hole on each side of the notes, using a single hole punch. Next, string the letters along with 1-inch wide ribbon. If you have and can use a sewing machine, you can make a pennant birthday banner. The flag was super simple to make and turned out cute.

First birthday picture collage

As a mom, I think you like to take a picture of your baby, even in every moment. The photos have many functions. One of service is you can make a picture collage. Let’s start, first Collect pictures of each month of the first year of your baby’s life. Second, create a photo collage of the photo and form a photo collage based on the theme of the party. Last, you can put the picture collage in the central area of the party. For example, the collection of photos is arranged or shape into a number one in large size, the number one due to the first birthday party for the baby.

Large Entry Way Decoration

Always something fun to celebrate and decorate for a birthday party. There are so many crafty party decorations. You can use one of the creations that I think are very creative and unique. A paper lantern can make your room more fun and adorable. Decorate the light based on the theme you have set before. Hang up the lamps from the ceiling and let the guests enjoy a joyful atmosphere. Paper lanterns are inexpensive and easy to find it through different online retailers. Besides that, you can use colorful paper blooms. Shape the colorful paper blooms to be flowers. It’s so beautiful and inexpensive paper flowers.

Gift or entryway table decorations

How to decorate your entryway table? Décor your entryway table If you have a table of entrances, Select some of the cutest photos or best photos of your baby. Put some images framed. Personalize the color to the theme. Put a few small decorations related the issue. You can put a bucket of candy to make the table look sweeter. If you have gift table, you also can decor like an entryway table.

Party favor baskets

Never let your guests leave the party empty-handed. You must have creative party favors. Let’s use things that can be reused, for example, felt, tin or plastic buckets to put the party favors. Maybe, you ever shop the dollar bins for small containers. You can use the bottles for a birthday party. Start to decorate the container using felt or sticker and don’t forget to make creations according to the theme. Completing your party with a fun and exciting party favor will make your guests want to come back more.

I think the creative ideas above are straightforward to do. It can make your house to be an excellent party place. My last suggestion, you also can use balloons to enliven your decoration. You can fill the balloon with multicolor confetti or colorful paper.

You can also buy balloons that already have cute motifs or balloons that have colors personalize your theme. You can put balloons near the banner or ceiling of your home. You can also tie helium balloons on your gift table or your entryway table. I hope the ideas for handmade decoration will help you to make adorable first birthday party at your home. Good luck to create moms.

Try These Best Breakfast Smoothies For Energy

Try These Best Breakfast Smoothies For Energy

There is a happy soul behind a healthy body. A healthy lifestyle is like a trend nowadays as i mention in my last article about Tips for starting a healthy lifestyle. Most of the modern people really concerned for their healthy meals. The body needs kind of nutrients every day. It comes to the body by your daily meals. What kind of meal is it? You can find the nutrients from many kinds of fruits and vegetables. Do you like the green leafy vegetables? You wouldn’t be a worry if you don’t like it because there are so many ways to enjoy the benefits of it.

When you go to the restaurant or cafe, you will find a lot of foods and drinks on their menu, some of them offering the healthy one like smoothies and juices. Smoothies and juices are almost found in every menu of restaurants and cafes because they are too easy to serve, the tastes are delicious, and of course they have a lot of nutrients that the body needs.

What are the different between smoothie and juice? Juices are generally made from fruits and vegetables. Some people generally add kind of syrup or sugar to get the sweet one. Add also some of ices and water to make it smooth when you blend it. Smoothie has the more strong texture than juice. It makes your belly full for longer. Therefore, most of people prefer smoothie for their breakfast or diet menu. Moreover, smoothie is rich in proteins, fibers, and nutrients. It is basically made from fruits, vegetables, and water. But you can add another multipurpose ingredients to rich the taste. There are thousand recipes to make the delicious smoothies.

Try these best smoothies for breakfast and lunch.

1. Blueberry and Chocolate Smoothie for your breakfast

Consider this superfood, blueberry and chocolate smoothie before you start the day. Blueberry is not only good for you but also totally delicious. It contents low calorie, vitamin C, and fibers. This food gives you good energy and a lot of nutrients for health. Just simply Mix the blueberry, cocoa, banana, and hemp featuring almond milk to get the protein. If you don’t have enough almond milk, you can put a spoonful of protein powder. Then enjoy it!

2. The high protein of Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Greek yogurt is three times filtering yogurt to reduce the water and make it concentrated. It has a unique sour taste of yogurt. Greek yogurt contents high protein than the regular yogurt and low carbohydrate. The good properties of yogurt are great for against intestinal inflammation, toxins naturalize in the body, and really good for skin. The thick and velvety texture will make you feel full for longer. It’s delicious and healthy lunch made from berries, bananas, Greek yogurt and orange juice. This smoothie is great for those on a smoothie diet.

3. Fruits smoothie in the morning

Smoothie is the best choice for healthy breakfast and also for you who are diet. The thick smoothie is satiety than another kind of drink with the same amount of calories. Start the day with this breakfast protein of 311 calories featuring banana and strawberries. Mix with low-fat vanilla yogurt and skim milk to get a good amount of calcium.

4. Perfect Cherry Smoothie for lunch

Are you busy? If you have no time to eat because of many things you have to do your job. Even you can eat in a rush but after that feel unwell on your tummy. You just have a short time to enjoy your lunch time. Try to drink your lunch instead. Make your drink at home and keep it in the refrigerator at work. Drinking a smoothie is an easy way to make your belly full in the short time and keep your hands clean. Drink this source of antioxidants, cherry smoothie, its low calories, full of vitamins and mineral and high nutrition. It significantly increases muscle recovery after an intense workout. You may add a spoon of protein powder or a touch of honey if you prefer the sweet one.

5. Green smoothie for breakfast – Orange Spinach Smoothie

Another smoothie for your breakfast is orange spinach smoothie. If you don’t like the green leafy vegetables this is a good way to still enjoy the benefit of vegetables. Spinach has all of the nutrition that your body needs, like calcium, protein, fibers, and source of vitamin K and vitamin A. Orange has a lot of vitamin c and fibers. This is easy to serve only with 2 main ingredients that are orange and spinach. Try this nutritious and low in calories which provides proteins, iron, natural sugar and folic acid at breakfast. This combination is perfectly healthy to complete your day.

6. Chai Spice Smoothie Breakfast Smoothies For Energy

Never think that you will not love this one. Try this unique taste of the smoothie. Chai spice made with cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. It has a special spice flavor. Include some of the bananas, vanilla extract, and almond milk too rich the taste. This yummy chai spice smoothie is perfect for a nourishing lunch or snack. It contains high protein, give satiety, and rich in fibers.

7. Avocado and Wild Blueberries in a glass of smoothie

Avocado and Wild blueberry are the most popular fruits. They have a very delicious taste and surely good for health. Avocado and wild blueberry is good foods for brain health and contains good fat, lower cholesterol, and improves the health of the heart. Make your avocado and wild blueberry smoothie in the morning for your healthy breakfast. It will keep you satiated during the morning.

8. The goodness of Exotic Fruits and Soy Smoothie

This perfect blend of tropical fruits and soy milk is appropriate at lunch. They aren’t just tasty but also filled with vitamins and nutrients. The good taste of mango, strawberry, and pineapple are wonderful in a glass of healthy smoothie.

Most of the people drink a smoothie in the morning to get a good energy before they go to work outside. Even you can enjoy this healthy smoothie for lunch especially when you don’t enough time to have big lunch. Just simply mix your favorite fruits in a blender with a spoonful of protein powder and some of the crushed ice to get it instantly lunch which is rich in antioxidants and healthy. You may add a cup of yogurt to get more protein and healthy dose calcium to strengthen your bones.

These are the best smoothies that you must try for your breakfast even lunch! Find your favorite one and enjoy your healthy smoothies.

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle – Tips & Tricks

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle – Tips & Tricks

I mean sometimes a health and fitness lifestyle can look like this big daunting a task and big journey, and you just don’t know where to begin.
That’s why I’m here today to help you to give you tips and talk to you guys about it.

1. How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle with Motivation

So tip number one is to have the real motivation you are not going to want to get healthy unless you are motivated. I know this can sound like shallow to have real motivation, but honestly like get motivated do your exes dunk you want to look hot make them jealous unusual does it do you honestly just hate how you feel.

2. Inspired and Educated

Now there are so many different lifestyle routes that you can take you can you know follow
Instagram accountancy target progress pictures and see how people eat a lot of food accounts.
I want to mention off the catalogue. You want to videos on YouTube how to lose 100 pounds.

How do you know whatever do all this up documentaries on Netflix are amazing. You can watch cups bears. You can read folks like skinny veg that’s a book that honestly changed my life. I’m going to link a lot of documentaries and books that I like down below they are perfect to educate yourself and never stop learning because the more you learn, the more you inspired and you’re going to stay hard and stay motivated to stay healthy.

3. Progress Pic

My third tip is to take progress pictures on your day one make a movie that you just don’t like work from there also this sounds kind of nice stuff, but it did help me.
I took a picture in my mirror in my old bedroom of like how it looked and went out they soon have an edited it to how I want it to look, and I’ve kept a picture.

I looked back a few months later, and I looked like that picture so when you can see how you want yourself to look, you are motivated to get to that point and also when you look at your progress pictures you take one every four weeks.

When you see how you are changing your own body, you say much more motivated and trust me the before and afters are like incredible so this all kind of goes off.

4. No Diets

My fourth tip is no diet. I swear to God if I see any of you guys do any of like these stupid diets that are only good for like a week where you lose like 5 pounds a juice cleanse any of that stuff that’s not a real way of eating.

When you get healthy it’s a lifestyle and I know that sounds like a significant change to your life but when you start changing your life, you’re not going to want to go back to your old ways. You’re just going to have to experiment, and this is hard to find what worked for you. What doesn’t work for you are you intolerant to dairy are you intolerant to meet you are you intolerant to gluten like what is your body. How does your body work is different so I can’t tell you like what’s going to work and what’s not going to work? You have to figure it out for yourself, and you’re going to have to stick to it once you find out what works for you.

5. Water

Next tip is to drink only water. Cut out sodas, cut out any and juices Gatorade Powerade sugary drinks.
I’m serious about coffee when you sleep enough hours, and you eat right, and you drink enough water if you don’t need coffee to get sick today. I just drink only water. It helps you so much if you’re like me and you don’t like the taste of water put lemon in it.
I know everyone’s he’ll do that, but oh don’t hate so you try it yummy and it’s also going to detoxify your body.
You can find another benefit of water in this video.

So that is it those are my tips on getting healthy and how to start a healthy lifestyle. I hope you guys all enjoyed my article and shared your things in my comment below.