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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle – Tips & Tricks

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle – Tips & Tricks

I mean sometimes a health and fitness lifestyle can look like this big daunting a task and big journey, and you just don’t know where to begin.
That’s why I’m here today to help you to give you tips and talk to you guys about it.

1. How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle with Motivation

So tip number one is to have the real motivation you are not going to want to get healthy unless you are motivated. I know this can sound like shallow to have real motivation, but honestly like get motivated do your exes dunk you want to look hot make them jealous unusual does it do you honestly just hate how you feel.

2. Inspired and Educated

Now there are so many different lifestyle routes that you can take you can you know follow
Instagram accountancy target progress pictures and see how people eat a lot of food accounts.
I want to mention off the catalogue. You want to videos on YouTube how to lose 100 pounds.

How do you know whatever do all this up documentaries on Netflix are amazing. You can watch cups bears. You can read folks like skinny veg that’s a book that honestly changed my life. I’m going to link a lot of documentaries and books that I like down below they are perfect to educate yourself and never stop learning because the more you learn, the more you inspired and you’re going to stay hard and stay motivated to stay healthy.

3. Progress Pic

My third tip is to take progress pictures on your day one make a movie that you just don’t like work from there also this sounds kind of nice stuff, but it did help me.
I took a picture in my mirror in my old bedroom of like how it looked and went out they soon have an edited it to how I want it to look, and I’ve kept a picture.

I looked back a few months later, and I looked like that picture so when you can see how you want yourself to look, you are motivated to get to that point and also when you look at your progress pictures you take one every four weeks.

When you see how you are changing your own body, you say much more motivated and trust me the before and afters are like incredible so this all kind of goes off.

4. No Diets

My fourth tip is no diet. I swear to God if I see any of you guys do any of like these stupid diets that are only good for like a week where you lose like 5 pounds a juice cleanse any of that stuff that’s not a real way of eating.

When you get healthy it’s a lifestyle and I know that sounds like a significant change to your life but when you start changing your life, you’re not going to want to go back to your old ways. You’re just going to have to experiment, and this is hard to find what worked for you. What doesn’t work for you are you intolerant to dairy are you intolerant to meet you are you intolerant to gluten like what is your body. How does your body work is different so I can’t tell you like what’s going to work and what’s not going to work? You have to figure it out for yourself, and you’re going to have to stick to it once you find out what works for you.

5. Water

Next tip is to drink only water. Cut out sodas, cut out any and juices Gatorade Powerade sugary drinks.
I’m serious about coffee when you sleep enough hours, and you eat right, and you drink enough water if you don’t need coffee to get sick today. I just drink only water. It helps you so much if you’re like me and you don’t like the taste of water put lemon in it.
I know everyone’s he’ll do that, but oh don’t hate so you try it yummy and it’s also going to detoxify your body.
You can find another benefit of water in this video.

So that is it those are my tips on getting healthy and how to start a healthy lifestyle. I hope you guys all enjoyed my article and shared your things in my comment below.

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