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Try These Best Breakfast Smoothies For Energy

Try These Best Breakfast Smoothies For Energy

There is a happy soul behind a healthy body. A healthy lifestyle is like a trend nowadays as i mention in my last article about Tips for starting a healthy lifestyle. Most of the modern people really concerned for their healthy meals. The body needs kind of nutrients every day. It comes to the body by your daily meals. What kind of meal is it? You can find the nutrients from many kinds of fruits and vegetables. Do you like the green leafy vegetables? You wouldn’t be a worry if you don’t like it because there are so many ways to enjoy the benefits of it.

When you go to the restaurant or cafe, you will find a lot of foods and drinks on their menu, some of them offering the healthy one like smoothies and juices. Smoothies and juices are almost found in every menu of restaurants and cafes because they are too easy to serve, the tastes are delicious, and of course they have a lot of nutrients that the body needs.

What are the different between smoothie and juice? Juices are generally made from fruits and vegetables. Some people generally add kind of syrup or sugar to get the sweet one. Add also some of ices and water to make it smooth when you blend it. Smoothie has the more strong texture than juice. It makes your belly full for longer. Therefore, most of people prefer smoothie for their breakfast or diet menu. Moreover, smoothie is rich in proteins, fibers, and nutrients. It is basically made from fruits, vegetables, and water. But you can add another multipurpose ingredients to rich the taste. There are thousand recipes to make the delicious smoothies.

Try these best smoothies for breakfast and lunch.

1. Blueberry and Chocolate Smoothie for your breakfast

Consider this superfood, blueberry and chocolate smoothie before you start the day. Blueberry is not only good for you but also totally delicious. It contents low calorie, vitamin C, and fibers. This food gives you good energy and a lot of nutrients for health. Just simply Mix the blueberry, cocoa, banana, and hemp featuring almond milk to get the protein. If you don’t have enough almond milk, you can put a spoonful of protein powder. Then enjoy it!

2. The high protein of Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Greek yogurt is three times filtering yogurt to reduce the water and make it concentrated. It has a unique sour taste of yogurt. Greek yogurt contents high protein than the regular yogurt and low carbohydrate. The good properties of yogurt are great for against intestinal inflammation, toxins naturalize in the body, and really good for skin. The thick and velvety texture will make you feel full for longer. It’s delicious and healthy lunch made from berries, bananas, Greek yogurt and orange juice. This smoothie is great for those on a smoothie diet.

3. Fruits smoothie in the morning

Smoothie is the best choice for healthy breakfast and also for you who are diet. The thick smoothie is satiety than another kind of drink with the same amount of calories. Start the day with this breakfast protein of 311 calories featuring banana and strawberries. Mix with low-fat vanilla yogurt and skim milk to get a good amount of calcium.

4. Perfect Cherry Smoothie for lunch

Are you busy? If you have no time to eat because of many things you have to do your job. Even you can eat in a rush but after that feel unwell on your tummy. You just have a short time to enjoy your lunch time. Try to drink your lunch instead. Make your drink at home and keep it in the refrigerator at work. Drinking a smoothie is an easy way to make your belly full in the short time and keep your hands clean. Drink this source of antioxidants, cherry smoothie, its low calories, full of vitamins and mineral and high nutrition. It significantly increases muscle recovery after an intense workout. You may add a spoon of protein powder or a touch of honey if you prefer the sweet one.

5. Green smoothie for breakfast – Orange Spinach Smoothie

Another smoothie for your breakfast is orange spinach smoothie. If you don’t like the green leafy vegetables this is a good way to still enjoy the benefit of vegetables. Spinach has all of the nutrition that your body needs, like calcium, protein, fibers, and source of vitamin K and vitamin A. Orange has a lot of vitamin c and fibers. This is easy to serve only with 2 main ingredients that are orange and spinach. Try this nutritious and low in calories which provides proteins, iron, natural sugar and folic acid at breakfast. This combination is perfectly healthy to complete your day.

6. Chai Spice Smoothie Breakfast Smoothies For Energy

Never think that you will not love this one. Try this unique taste of the smoothie. Chai spice made with cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. It has a special spice flavor. Include some of the bananas, vanilla extract, and almond milk too rich the taste. This yummy chai spice smoothie is perfect for a nourishing lunch or snack. It contains high protein, give satiety, and rich in fibers.

7. Avocado and Wild Blueberries in a glass of smoothie

Avocado and Wild blueberry are the most popular fruits. They have a very delicious taste and surely good for health. Avocado and wild blueberry is good foods for brain health and contains good fat, lower cholesterol, and improves the health of the heart. Make your avocado and wild blueberry smoothie in the morning for your healthy breakfast. It will keep you satiated during the morning.

8. The goodness of Exotic Fruits and Soy Smoothie

This perfect blend of tropical fruits and soy milk is appropriate at lunch. They aren’t just tasty but also filled with vitamins and nutrients. The good taste of mango, strawberry, and pineapple are wonderful in a glass of healthy smoothie.

Most of the people drink a smoothie in the morning to get a good energy before they go to work outside. Even you can enjoy this healthy smoothie for lunch especially when you don’t enough time to have big lunch. Just simply mix your favorite fruits in a blender with a spoonful of protein powder and some of the crushed ice to get it instantly lunch which is rich in antioxidants and healthy. You may add a cup of yogurt to get more protein and healthy dose calcium to strengthen your bones.

These are the best smoothies that you must try for your breakfast even lunch! Find your favorite one and enjoy your healthy smoothies.

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